Fall in love with your deck again this new year

Your home should be a place that you love and find comfort in as you are the one who lives there. If space allows, you shouldn’t be limited to just personalising your indoor area.  A amazing relaxing backyard is the ideal place to spend the lovely Queensland summer days with loved ones. One way to fall in love with your home again is to improve on the outside space with a new deck or patio or by improving a existing one.

After a busy holiday period or either entertaining or being away on holidays, your deck could use some love to breathe back some life into it and create a welcoming outdoor space. For a wooden deck, preparing it after a busy holiday period could include applying a fresh coat of paint, replacing rotted wood planks, or hiring a deck builder for a major repair.


  • To start off the new year, you’ll want your deck to be clean as a whistle so use a high-power leaf blower to get rid of any dead leaves, dirt or debris that has built up over time. After layers of dirt are removed, use a power washer to get rid of mold or rotting wood thoroughly. A professional power washer is always recommended to ensure that the deck is cleaned in compliance with the manufacturer’s guidelines.
  • When cleaning your deck, use this time to replace any broken or uneven pavers stones.
  • Your deck furniture is bound to need a good wash after the holiday period! Just be mindful of how you clean your furniture as their cleaning needs will vary. Be sure to air out your furniture after washing it to avoid any mold.
  • If your furniture is looking a little tired even after you have washed it then maybe it is time to have a complete change!  Liven up your deck with some new furnishings, umbrellas, pillows, flowers. Pick a colour scheme that will enhance your homes exterior and go for it, you can even extend the colour scheme to your outdoor dining ware and serving dishes if you want!
  • The start of the new year is the perfect time to improve the functionality of your deck. Consider working with a custom deck builder like Symcorp to add on screened in sections, pergolas, or covered roofs. You may even want to change the entire outdoor area, which Symcorp can help you with.  Screened in decks and patios are not only beneficial in warm weather, but they can also help keep bugs out and protect your furniture from damage. They are also good to provide some privacy from neighbors.
  • Freshen up your landscape with fresh mulch and if you don’t have a large yard, you can also pick out store-bought planters and hanging baskets and place them around your area.

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