Planning Your Bathroom Renovation

Most people cringe at the thought of having to remodel a bathroom and it tends to be the last room you think of doing.  It can be very overwhelming but if you break the remodeling process down into a few simple steps it will not seem as daunting as you first thought. Below are some steps to help you get started!

1 – Start your Plan

It sounds like a strange step, planning your plan, but you need to have a good idea of not only what you want to happen, but also when it needs to be done.  Any deadlines or steps missed can delay your renovation.

Start by just writing down some notes on what your wanting your bathroom to have, how you want it to look, what you think you may need to do.  Don’t leave anything out no matter how small or impossible they may seem. If you want to have a bath and a shower, or you are interested in having a shower/bath combo but both these ideas down.  You may want to have a heated towel rack but you also like the look of traditional hooks along the wall. You will never what combination may be possible until you draw it all out.

After the first brainstorming is done it is time to start researching.  Have a look in the internet, in home design magazines, watch a few lifestyle shows and even take inspiration from your friends and families bathrooms.  They may have a idea that you never even considered!!

2 – Creating a realistic budget.

Once you have a idea it is important to know how much you are able to spend before anything is started to ensure that what you are wanting and what is financially possible is in sync.  You don’t want to be running out of money half way through the renovation.

Don’t forget to allocate money out of your budget for each area of your bathroom including new appliances, demolition, electrical, plumbing and cosmetics (like painting the walls)

Start by getting several estimates for each of your ideas.  Have a chat to builders and get their suggestions to ensure you get value for your hard earned money.  Once all the ideas are in writing and have actually real life figures attached to them you can decide which way you would like to go.  Knowing how much your ideas cost makes it easier to eliminate them!

3 – Creating the Floor Plan

One you have your budget and your ides now comes the fun part – creating the floor plan.  Measure your bathroom, including all areas that will have fixtures such as the toilet, sink or bathtub.  This will help you create the optimal floor plan before beginning your remodeling. Once you have everything on paper, take it to your builder.  Make sure you have a good builder you can trust like, Symcorp, that are there with you every step of your renovation making sure everything goes according to plan and stays in budget

When you have a plan in front of you, it is much more difficult to deviate from it, helping you to stay on your budget without veering off too much.

Symcorp handle every aspect of your bathroom renovation, from plumbing and electrical, to construction and paint to ensure top quality and your budget met.  Call 1300 796 297 today!