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Symcorp is your local kitchen renovations specialists in Runaway Bay and across all areas of the Gold Coast. Our experienced team provide premium quality kitchen upgrades regardless of your budget. Strong attention to detail, skilled trades team, as well as open and ongoing communication throughout the renovation project, are just a few reasons why Symcorp customers are so happy with our service.

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Complete Runaway Bay kitchen renovation management

Our team take care of all aspects of your kitchen remodel project from assisting you with the kitchen design, co-ordinating material deliveries, scheduling tradespeople, and overseeing the day to day building.

We’ve been carrying out kitchen renovations for many years which has allowed our team to streamline our procedures to provide you with the most enjoyable, stress-free kitchen renovation possible.

Our trades team is made up of skilled, reliable professionals including plumbers, electricians, tilers, cabinet makers, painters and more. Everyone involved in a Symcorp project adheres to our company’s expectation of a high level of service in every aspect.

Points to consider for your kitchen design

Designing the perfect kitchen for your home is an exciting time the huge array of products and design choices mean you can completely customise the space to meet the needs of your family now and in the future.

During the design stage it’s important to look at aspects such as:

Kitchen Layout

Does your current kitchen layout work? Is it easy to move around? Are there corners which are unusable or which create bottlenecks if there are more than two people in the kitchen? Creating a functional space which is a pleasure to work in may mean tweaking the kitchen layout. Our team will be able to advise you on other options available that you may not have considered for your home.

Storage solutions

Whether you built your current kitchen or moved in and made do with what was there most families struggle to have the right storage in their kitchen. A kitchen reno is a perfect opportunity to create a kitchen with all the storage you need. Consider options such as:

  • Butlers pantry
  • Appliance tower
  • Large deep drawers
  • Glass cabinet doors
  • Handleless doors
  • Corner drawers
  • Slide-out bin cabinets

Benchtop options

A beautiful benchtop not only provides ample space to prepare meals it can also supply the ‘Wow’ factor for your kitchen. A stunning granite benchtop or a stylish engineered stone can become a focal point in your home. Benchtop options come in a huge range of price points for every budget with everything from marble to sleek look laminate on offer. Unsure which option is right for you? Speak to our team for expert advice on the options available.


Lighting can be stylish but above all, it needs to provide ample illumination in the workspaces throughout your kitchen. Generous task lighting such as an over island benchtop fitting or downlights under overhead cabinets is essential to safe, effective cooking. Modern lighting options include in-cabinet LED lights, chandeliers, chic pendants, skylights, energy efficient choices and so much more.

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Create your perfect kitchen with the help of Symcorp, our experienced kitchen renovation team are ready to guide you through the renovation process. Get started on your kitchen renovation in Runaway Bay now book a consultation by calling 5558 3812 or complete our kitchen renovation quote request form today.