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  1. Warranty-request

Symcorp Warranty Form

The Symcorp Warranty Form below is used to lodge any warranty requirement you may have. Please read all points below or call our office on 1300 043 012 if you have any questions, but please bear in mind that for any warranty requirements or bookings, you must use this form.

Please read the following points and acknowledge your acceptance below:

  1. I understand the warranty periods on my home are 7 years from date of practical completion on all major structural works such as Waterproofing, Frames and Trusses, House Slab etc. and 1 year from date of practical completion, for all other defects such as Sticking Doors, Minor Cracking often due to the home settling etc.
  2. If my maintenance request is deemed to be outside of the Statutory Warranty Periods listed above, I understand that a call out fee of $110.00 plus $90.00 per hour thereafter will be charged for any maintenance request and if required, a quote for works will be provided and if the homeowner proceeds the callout fee will be deducted from the invoice upon completion.
  3. Warranties on products either supplied and installed by us or supplied by you and installed by us are most times not covered by us. These usually include items such as your Stove, Hot Water System and Fixtures and Fittings like Taps, Showerheads etc. Your first point of contact for these types of issues should be with the manufacturer of the product, please refer to your warranty paperwork they provided. However, if you feel that the warranty issue is with the installation of a product, we can assess this when we are on-site, but please bear in mind if it turns out to be a product issue, the fees for callout and hourly rate would apply.

Warranty Request