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One of the most crucial elements to consider when you are either renovating part of your home, your entire home, adding on a home extension or building a brand new custom or luxury home, is the design and drafting.

Regardless of the size of your renovation, addition, extension or new home, in the vast majority of cases, you will have a budget that you will need to stick to. It’s at this particular point where most people can lose clarity on what they should do next or how to go about getting to the end result they are looking for.

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Some of the typical challenges of the Design and Drafting stage that we can help you navigate through to successfully get your new, renovation, extension or addition built are:

Size and square metres

If you’re building a new home or doing a house extension or addition, what is the size (and square metres) required? This can be tricky, every square metre of space comes at a cost, and depending on the style of your home and the quality level of fixtures and fittings, each square metre from house to house will vary in cost.

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Functionality and style

When it comes design how do you make your home functional but also a space that suits your personal taste and lifestyle? This is where both drafting and design come together, where your floor plan and the overall look, style, and feel of your home are considered independently and together.


This is often one of the more challenging aspects of home or renovation design and drafting as a floorplan is a two-dimensional drawing of your home, but for many people, it can be difficult to envisage what that floorplan would be like to live in and what the feel and flow of your home will be.

Our experienced drafters and architects are experts at considering all of the components of your home renovation or new home build to design and draft an end product that balances all of the variables to arrive at the perfect mix of budget, functionality, style, size, layout, features and overall look and feel to produce the perfect home for you and your family.

Drafting and design is a critical part of working with you to achieve your perfect new home or home renovation.

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