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Custom Build vs Project Home

Which type of home builders should you choose?

When building a house, the future homeowners must make the huge decision of choosing between a custom or project home builder. To put it in simple terms, a custom home builder builds homes completely to their clients requests and project home builders follow set catalogue designs when building homes.

In this article, we will explore the two types of project and the differences between them.

Home design and layout

There are a range of advantages and disadvantages that come with building a home with either a custom builders company or a project building company. The biggest benefit of choosing a custom home builder is having the freedom of designing your home exactly how you would like it to be. Custom builders are willing to work with architects to tailor homes to any design their client desires. They will find the engineers and architects that are suited to each job so the complexity of a home will not be a limit.

Project homes are designed off set catalogues. This limits the overall design and features of a home. These home designs are constructed on a large scale, which limits the uniqueness of a design. If a client’s requirements are met by a catalogue designed home, the design process may be quicker.

Custom Home Builders - Utmost freedom in designing your home

Project Home Builder - Limited options for home designs

Alterations of house plans

Another benefit of custom home builders is their flexibility when working with their customers to design their dream home. During this process, the changes a client can make to the plan often come with no extra cost if they are done before the construction process begins. This gives them the flexibility of altering all the features of their home so that it suits their lifestyle.

Project homes are able to be altered to a degree, as there are only a limited number of changes project home builders allow to the set design. Any change from the default set plan will cost a client extra, with the price depending on the number of changes they decide to make. These designs work well if clients wish to make changes to the basic plan.

Custom Home Builders - More flexibility in making changes to the original design

Project Home Builders - Limited options for alterations in the design and costs extra

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Cost of custom and project homes

Ultimately, the cost of each build depends on the design of each home. When custom home designs are made, they are tailored to the exact needs of a customer. Custom builders can work with clients to design their home so that their budget is prioritised. However, the freedom of a custom plan may result in a higher cost due to the difficulty of the project.

Project builders have a set price for the small range of designs they offer, which provides clients with a price from the beginning. They do not work with their customers to lower the cost of the home and, changes made to the design can cause an increase to the total cost of the project.

Custom Home Builders - Comparable in costs

Project Home Builders - Comparable in costs

Time frame of custom or project builders

Custom builders are often smaller companies, which means they have to deal with less home builds every year. This means that they can get working on your home with you in far less time than a project home builder who may have other jobs to complete before they can work on yours.

Custom Home Builders - Quicker

Project HomeBuilders - May take more time depending on the work load

Custom home builders

Building a home for your family will be one of the biggest investments of your life, so why settle for a design that doesn’t meet all of your needs. At Symcorp Building Services , we understand that every homeowner has a unique lifestyle, so we will work with you to design and build your dream custom home. If you are looking for a well trusted Gold Coast home builder , contact the Symcorp team on 07 5594 1768 or complete our custom home build enquiry today.