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  • How to read a floor plan?

    If you are getting a new house built, your builder may have given you a floor plan. A floor plan makes it easy for homeowners and builders to understand how everything will be laid out. A floor plan is the map of an individual floor and includes the overhead view of the layout of a...

  • What is a house energy rating?

    Go green with sustainable and energy-efficient homesDid you know your house can be energy-efficient and environmentally friendly too? Depending on the building materials, floor plan, orientation and other factors, your house can be highly thermally-efficient ...

  • What makes a good floor plan?

    How to maximise the floor plan for your new home?The floor plan of your home is more important than you think! You will be living in the house for a long time to come so it is prudent to spend time and efforts in the early stages to get it right.

  • Owner builder vs using a professional builder

    Deciding to build a new home or embarking on a significant home renovation is an exciting time but one which accompanies a lot of decision making. For some, one of the fir...

  • Builders Licence vs Trade Contractors Licence

    QBCC License for Builders and Trade ContractorsLooking to hire a tradesperson for your renovation or construction project ? Always look for contractors registered with the QBCC. It ensures your project is covered by a homeowner warranty and you can get legal ...

  • Benefits of building new house vs buying

    New build vs existing houses - Pros and consDeciding on a new house can be tricky - Should you buy an existing house or build one from scratch? Both are a major commitment and significant investment so when it comes to a new build or existing house, you ...

  • What is Secondary Dwelling?

    Guide to Secondary Dwellings A secondary dwelling or granny flat is an additional living space either attached or separate from the principal dwelling space. It is usually smaller compared to the princi...

  • How do I know if I need development approval?

    Development Application for building projects on the Gold Coast Building projects require council approval or they can be availed from private building certifiers. If you are planning a building project whether i...

  • Considerations when building on a sloping block

    When it comes to building on a sloping block, it can be a little tricky to decide on what is going to be best for you, your dream home ideas and the block of land you have to build on.That is why we have put together some ...

  • How long does it take to build a new home?

    The short answer is, it can take from four months to 1 year to build a new home.A kit or project home can shoot up in around 4 months as building companies who specialise in this style of house build slight variations of the same home many times over. Because of this a lot of the s...

  • Considerations when building a canal home

    Building a new home which fronts onto or is adjacent to sensitive environments such as canals, rivers, lakes, or other waterways requires a few extra considerations, to ensure the natural area is protected and the waterway integrity is preserved.We’ve put together a list of some of th...

  • Great tips for moving into a new home

    Moving into a new house is up there with one of the most stressful experiences you can have in your day to day life. There is just so much to organise, planning can take weeks and getting settled in can take months. To help you to pri...

  • What is a granny flat?

    Once built to house elderly relatives or extended family, the modern granny flat can be used for a huge range of purposes. A granny flat is a detached or semi-detached residence built adjacent to the main home. Usually granny fla...

  • What is home warranty insurance?

    If you are looking at building a new home, insurance is one of the big factors to consider (in more ways than one).So, to make things a little easier for you to get your head around, we have put together some information regarding home...

  • What is a knockdown & rebuild?

    If you own a home, you may find yourself in a position where you are considering knocking down your home and rebuilding.So, to h...

  • Custom build vs project home

    Which type of home builders should you choose?When building a house, the future homeowners must make the huge decision of choosing between a custom or project home builder. To put it in simple terms, a

  • How does a construction loan work?

    Building a home can be a big job, but an exciting one for all involved. One of the major aspects though, and one that can cause a little stress for those choosing to build a home, is budget. <source type="image/webp" dat...></source>


  • What is the new home build process?

    Beginning a big project like building a new home takes a significant amount of planning and organisation. There are literally hundreds of choices to make during the building processes and it can sometimes become overwhelming. Here you can find the new ...


  • What should I know before building a house (Part 2)

    This article is a part of our 2-part series of "Building a New Home Guide". If you haven't read the first article, click here to read it. Building a new home guide - Part 2

  • What should I know before building a house? (Part 1)

    Wished you had a magic wand to ensure your custom home build is smooth?Building a house doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Although we don’t have a magic wand, here are some handy tips to make sure your home construction p...

  • What is a building surveyor?

    Protect your investment with a property surveyBuying a new home? Don’t forget to enlist the help of building surveyors and building inspectors. Building and pest inspections and property surveys are commonly...

  • What are building inspections?

    Looking to buy a property? Don’t make a property purchase decision until you get a complete building inspection report. What is a building inspection report? A building inspection report, can also be called a pre...

  • What is a builders clean?

    New builds or renovation projects create a lot of mess and can leave the building unsafe and very untidy. Just because the construction is over doesn’t mean the job is finished. The builders clean deals with a complete clean of the interior and exterior areas of the building or renovation ar...

  • What is a building setback?

    What are building setbacks and how can you check them?In simple terms, a building setback refers to the distance your house must be from the boundary line of your property. They are measured from the outermost projection of the building. The building setbacks...

  • What are Australian building standards for new homes?

    National Construction Code The National Construction Code (NCC) sets minimum standards for the design and construction of new residential buildings, apartments and commercial buildings. The Building Code of Australia is a component ...

  • Do I Need Council Approval to Build a Deck in QLD?

    If you are considering building a deck, you may need a building approval. Our experts at Symcorp have in-depth knowledge about building approvals and custom deck building. We specialise in providing development approvals renovations, ...

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