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Considerations when building a canal home

We’ve put together a list of some of the factors that need to be examined when planning, designing, and building a canal home.

Considerations when building on a sloping block

When it comes to building on a sloping block, it can be a little tricky to decide on what is going to be best for you, your dream home ideas and the block of land you have to build

Custom build vs project home

When building a house, the future homeowners must make the huge decision of choosing between a custom or project home builder. What type of builder will build your home?

Great tips for moving into a new home

Moving into a new house can be stressful to help you to prioritize your to-do list here’s a couple of tips on the moving home essentials.

How do I know if I need development approval?

If you are planning to build a secondary dwelling, you might need development approval. Call Symcorp for a free, no-obligation quote.

How does a construction loan work?

Building a home can be a big job, but an exciting one for all involved. One of the major aspects though, and one that can cause a little stress for those choosing to build a home,

How long does it take to build a new home?

The short answer is it can take from 4 months to 1 year to build a new home. Although there is a range of factors which can affect this estimate. Find out more.

What is Secondary Dwelling?

Planning to build granny flats? We are licensed private building certifiers and can provide you with the building approval. Call us now.

What is a granny flat?

The modern granny flat can be used for a huge range of purposes. A granny flat is a detached or semi-detached residence built adjacent to the main home.

What is a knockdown & rebuild?

If you own a home you may find yourself in a position where you are considering knocking down your home and rebuilding. Find out more about knockdown & rebuilds and call us now!

What is home warranty insurance?

If you are looking at building a new home, insurance is one of the big factors to consider (in more ways than one) - including home warranty insurance. Find out more here.

What is the new home build process?

There are literally hundreds of choices to make during the building processes to navigate and it can sometimes become overwhelming, here is our guide: