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What is the new home build process?

Beginning a big project like building a new home takes a significant amount of planning and organisation. There are literally hundreds of choices to make during the building processes and it can sometimes become overwhelming. Here you can find the new home process broken down by our builders into an easy to understand building process timeline from start to finish:

Initial free consultation

Designed to your budget and be flexible, the Free Consultation process at your home is aimed to provide you with all the basics and explain the process with drafting and council approval, we work with you to design the project and outline our management process plus everything along the way. Week 1

Finance review

In order to determine your budget you will need to put together a finance plan for your purchasing potential.  This includes borrowing from lenders as well as making sure your financial structure can cover the new building process from concept to completion. Week 2

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Job estimated & accepted

Commencement of the new build will start after you accept our estimate.  We aim to make this as accurate as possible. Week 2

Drafting & plans

Taking into account the needs and requirements of your family or lifestyle as highlighted in the initial consultation, Symcorp can customise your plan specific to your to your requirements. After the first initial meeting the next steps include: drafting a floor plan, internal and external designs and establishing a clear scope of work. This stage is critical to ensure we tailor your renovated home to your budget. Week 6

Certification & council

As with any sort of major construction, you must have council approval and a full set of certified plans to commence any project. Symcorp can streamline the entire process, step by step, to ensure everything is council certified and approved before building commences. Week 8

Finalise, quote, & sign contract

After the design, plans and estimating stages we will present a quote to you within approximately 2 to 3 weeks, allowing for possible amendments to be discussed, and then finalising the quote with an exact price. Week 9

Pre-construction meeting

You will be introduced to your Site Supervisor/Project Manager who will be on site managing the renovation, they will be able to answer any questions about the new home or knock-down/rebuild process. Week 9

Building commences, Building inspections, Progress payments

The building commences! There will be site inspections at each stage, as well as progress payments at each stage. Week 10 to 25-36

Practical completion

It's now time for a practical completion walk-through and inspection, this means your new home is now complete and habitable, barring some very minor ‘defects’ arising from the inspection (this is totally normal). Week 27 to 37

Final handover meeting & Job completion

Your new dream home is now finished and ready for you and your family to move in. A certificate of completion is provided by our builders . Week to 28-38

Please be aware that the following items can either delay or expedite your renovation project schedule:

  • Finance approval
  • Council approvals
  • Material choices
  • Inclement weather
  • Client changes to design or variations

Custom home builders

Building a home for your family will be one of the biggest investments of your life, so why settle for a design that doesn’t meet all of your needs. At Symcorp Building Services , we understand that every homeowner has a unique lifestyle, so we will work with you to design and build your dream custom home. to find out more, contact the Symcorp team on 07 5594 1768 or complete our custom home build enquiry today.