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What should I know before building a house (Part 2)

This home building article is a part of our 2-part series of "Building a New Home Guide". If you haven't already we recommend reading the first article as well as this one What should I know before building a house? Part 1.

Building a new home guide - Part 2

Forward Planning

There is no substitute for the right plan. If you plan right, you can avoid major mistakes, after all you will potentially be living in this house for decades to come.

Consider what is more important for you - for example: decor, fixtures, storage?

What is going to work for the next 5-10 years? How will your needs change in the future?

From the building materials to the layout, lighting and plumbing fixtures to furniture, plan everything realistically to avoid burning a hole in your pocket. Your new home can be energy-efficient and green. If you want a sustainable home, consider working with builders trained in this domain. Choosing builders trained in sustainable practices can ensure your home gets a 6+ star energy rating and you reduce your energy expenses over the long term.

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Home Design

Understand the floor plan and see if the layout follows a logical sequence. Choose a floor plan that will match your needs and style.

Imagine how your home will feel when you move in and will the size of your rooms be sufficient for your current and future needs. Measure the existing furniture and see if it will fit. You can also ask your builders to build cabinets and shelves so it doesn’t cost you extra to buy furniture. You can start a Pinterest board or follow Instagram accounts to take house design inspiration from people all over the world.

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House plans need builder certifier’s approval or council approval. Symcorp has a streamlined home building process to ensure the entire project is smooth running and stress-free for you, and the house is certified and approved by the council.

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Building Delays

The construction of your home may be delayed because of unforeseen circumstances - weather, availability of materials, tradespersons, changes in the design or fixtures. While your builders may try their best to finish the project on-time, sometimes it may not be possible and the project date may extend. This is why it is important to allocate a portion of your budget for the unexpected.


Not planning for ample storage space is a rookie mistake. It may not be as exciting as choosing the furniture or tiles, but once you move in your new home, lack of sufficient storage space can be a massive downer!

Plan ample storage space, cabinets, and shelves to store and organise your stuff better in the design phase.


Communication is the key to building your dream home. Talk regularly to your builder and tradespersons, and visit the site to see if everything is on-track.

Listen to your gut and tell the builders if you want something to be rectified. Regular communication will ensure the process goes the way you want.

While building a new home can be an overwhelming experience, we can help with all aspects of your custom home building process.

For more information on how our team can assist your Gold Coast and Tweed building project, contact us on 07 5594 1768. Alternatively complete our online booking form and our friendly staff will get in touch with you.

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