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5 ways to make your small home look spacious

Updated: January 23, 2024

So you have purchased your first home – a studio apartment that is looking a little tired and dated but the location is great and you have visions of building a great life there, but how can you get your small place to feel more spacious? Well, read on as the following renovation ideas will help you live more comfortably in a small area.

1. Foldout furniture

If your dining room is in your bedroom, as is often the case with studio or granny flat living, then investing in fold-out furniture can help to reduce the clutter while providing everything you need within the space. It is nearly impossible to cram full-sized furniture into a small unit so purchasing foldout items like day beds, tables, or chairs that have two usages will assist to minimise items, making it seem more spacious.

Small Kitchen
Small kitchen ideas

2. A hidden kitchen or laundry

In a studio apartment, every square foot is prime real estate so you need to consider the best use of the space when deciding on the kitchen. A galley or single line kitchen design can be hidden behind bi-fold doors or a partition. This not only provides an option to conceal the kitchen or laundry if needed but it also helps to keep the space tidy.

With a hidden laundry, it is the same principle, having the washing machine and dryers all tucked away behind a folding door helps to keep the ‘work space’ out of the ‘living space’.

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3. Partition walls

One of the hardest concepts to get your head around when considering living in a studio apartment or granny flat is the thought of waking up in your kitchen. Partition walls are a great idea for creating sections or zones within your home. By using a partition you can create a separate bedroom, living room, and kitchen space. You can utilise plants, folding walls, bookshelves, or even the back of the couch to try to separate the areas.

4. Build up

If you’re lucky enough to own your own single storey unit, the possibility of building up into your roof space may be available to you. Keeping a kitchen nook, living and dining area, and a bathroom on the ground floor and building a loft or mezzanine bedroom could be an option. This gives you more privacy in the bedroom and opens up the living area.

5. Create an office nook

By cleverly utilising every bit of space available you can find room for things like a nook for your home office. Remember to always look at what little areas are available to maximize the use of the space that you have. For instance, a little reading nook or desk area can then double as a dining area with the aid of a folding table.

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