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Awesome Ways To Incorporate Barn Doors Into Your Interior

Updated: November 7, 2023

Why use barn doors in your home renovation design?

Barn doors are a popular modern interior design feature offering both functional solutions and being aesthetically pleasing. They are fantastic in smaller spaces in place of a traditional door creating a focal point of something that is often a standard feature. When using this door style will need to ensure there is sufficient wall space for the door to slide over to one side of the doorway.

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Another great advantage of barn doors is the support system they run on. Sliding barn doors use a track for movement, which results in the weight of the door being distributed evenly across the length of the track. This means you can install heavier doors without sacrificing stability or ease of movement.

Barn door

There is also the aesthetic appeal of barn doors which fit into the industrial farmhouse vibe that is so popular in interiors at the moment. Barn doors have a rustic feel that creates a stunning contrast when used indoors. This contrast is even more appealing when the door is unpolished and slightly worn. You can incorporate a barn door into almost any room in the house if you have the space.

If it’s a more modern look you’re going for consider painting the door the same colour as your walls.