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Things To Know Before Building A House

Updated: November 7, 2023

So you have your block of land and you are ready to get started building your new home. Building a home is exciting and life-changing but before you begin it requires a lot of careful planning. Below are some helpful tips you should consider before building a house.

Budget, Budget, Budget

You probably have some idea of what you want your home to be like but the reality is what you want and what you can actually afford, may differ. Your bank or finance broker will be able to assist you with setting a budget as without a budget and your finances in place you won’t be able to move forward toward your dream home. 

Don’t fall into the trap of forgetting other living expenses when calculating your budget. Ensure you include allowances for future expenses such as school fees, annual holidays etc as well as present financial responsibilities.

Open plan kitchen

Location, Location, Location

When choosing the perfect area and community for your family to live in, consider the local services you will regularly need and use such as shopping, transport, education, and childcare. As well as things that can add to your quality of life like sporting facilities, parks, and entertainment venues.

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Blocks and builders

When choosing a block, make sure its size fits both your budget and the house design you have in mind. It’s also important to investigate any height or setback restrictions and investigate the energy savings that can be made by choosing the best solar orientation. 

Do plenty of research to find a reputable Gold Coast builder you communicate well with and feel you can trust. Visit display villages to view a range of home designs, and if any friends or relatives have recently built a house, ask for their advice and recommendations.

Large bathroom renovation

Monitor the build

The first stage of construction is usually a meeting with your builder to choose the fittings and materials for your home. Maintaining your involvement throughout the build process and keeping lines of communication open is vital throughout all stages of the build to ensure it stays on time and on budget.  

It pays to keep a diary to record important details in writing, such as discussions with your builder, progress updates, copies of letters and other documentation, weather etc throughout the course of the project.

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