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How do I renovate my home?

If you are considering renovating your home, you'd be excused if you started researching and became a little overwhelmed. Consultations, finance, drafts, plans, permits... and that's just the beginning!

So, how do you actually renovate your home? What steps should you take? We have collated all the important information out there and put it in one place, to try and make things a little easier to manage. If you would like further assistance, take a look at our Home Renovation Process for a helpful timeline or give Symcorp a call on 07 5594 1768.

Home Renovation Process

What is a home 'renovation'?

If we are going to get a little technical, a home renovation is the action of getting something and restoring it. If you compare it to say, home remodelling, there actually is a difference - remodelling usually means changing the form of an area e.g. adding a shower to a bathroom, whereas renovations are fixing things up e.g. fixing the floorboards. In saying this, the design industry these days really have incorporated the two terms, meaning there's really no harm in using them interchangeably to explain your works.

Why renovate your home?

There are a range of reasons that people choose to renovate their homes - the most common ones include:

  • Adding value to a home - a well-planned renovation can add up to 10% value.
  • Better suit a particular lifestyle - whether you are planning a family, retiring or starting a home business, renovating can reconfigure a home or area that wasn't usable until a great new space.
  • Increase sales price - if selling your property is on the top of your list, a properly completed renovation can increase the purchase price.
  • No need to relocate - instead of selling your home and buying a new one (think transfer fees, lawyers fees, bank fees... the list goes on), renovating your current property to better suit your needs is (generally) a cheaper alternative.
Home Renovation

Renovation steps

Step 1 - Review before you buy

If you are in the process of purchasing a home that is in need of some renovations, make sure you know what you are buying before settlement. Review any inspection and building reports and look at things like:

  • Are there any problems with the house? If so, are they purely cosmetic or structural?
  • What is the plumbing system like? Will it need work? Will it require moving/adjusting?
  • What is the electrical wiring like? Is it safe/compliant? Will it require moving/adjusting?
  • Will any walls need moving or will a coat of paint do?
  • What are the floors like?

This list is in no way exhaustive, so make sure you review as many aspects as necessary to your circumstances.

Home renovations

Step 2 - Organisation

Once the house is yours, go around your home with paper and a pen and write down/draw/sketch everything you would like to be changed. Keep all these documents, as well as any contacts you speak too, drawings you (or someone else) completes and all quotes. Ensuring you have a good organisation system, instead of everything being thrown together, will make your renovation process a lot easier - even ask for work schedules and file them away. Even if you choose not to read them again, it ensures that you can provide any support or guidance in any situation that may arise.

Tip: Make a pencil sketch of your ideas - it doesn't have to of architectural quality or to scale - or save ideas from the internet or from magazines. Use these in your discussions with other parties, such as your builder, to show what you are looking for in your renovations.
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Step 3 - Bring in the Professionals

Once steps 1 and 2 are complete, it is time to call in the professionals. Calling a company such as Symcorp provides assistance in so many areas - from certification and council dealings and to drafting and plans, a builder can help every step of the way with industry knowledge and experience.

Step 4 - Budget

Your budget is likely something you have considered, but how does it sit with all your ideas and plans? Make sure you speak to your builder about costs - they will likely advise of aspects you hadn't thought of before!

Home Renovation Budget

Step 5 - Living arrangements

Where will you be living while the renovations are occurring? Will you be able to continue living in your home, or will you need to make other arrangements? Will you be able to manage to continue living in different areas of your house with the smell of paint and other renovation odours floating around?

Step 6 - Plan your approach

This is likely a decision that your builder will make/assist with. From what order the tradespeople will have to complete work to what areas of your renovation are urgent, there are a range of factors to consider before a plan is put into place. Chat to your building team in this regard for more information and a clear picture of what is occurring.

Step 7 - Enjoy!

Now it may sound funny, as a renovation can be a stressful time, but try and enjoy the experience. It is an exciting time with lots of positive changes, so try and have fun!

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This is a guide only and should be treated as such. You should always complete your own extensive research before commencing any renovation arrangements, as well as speaking to a professional.

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