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Should you opt for a full home renovation or just go room by room?

We reveal the pros and cons of the all-in-one-go approach to renovating your home.

The multi-faceted decision making process involved with any major home renovation usually starts with the initial question of whether you should renovate your entire space at once or break it up room by room over time.

Choosing to partially renovate your home means focusing on one or two spaces at a time, whereby making small changes like remodelling a bathroom, upgrading appliances, painting, replacing tapware and brightening up the lighting. In the case of a partial renovation, the layout of your home would remain the same, with the option of removing a non-load bearing wall as extensive a change as possible.

full home renovation

Full home renovations often include a major layout change such as building a third bedroom, opening a subdivided space for a roomier layout or adding a whole second level. They allow for much more flexibility in designing exactly what you want with the exciting prospect of changing the floorplan around to better suit your needs, lifestyle and aspect of the property. But they do mean living elsewhere for a period of time.

So what are the main pros and cons of renovating your entire house all at once?

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Pros of renovating your whole home at once

  • No bad air to breathe in (dust, toxic gases). Construction is messy and foot traffic through construction areas into living areas spread dust around.
  • No construction noise or lack of privacy.
  • You won’t be inconvenienced because certain features (plumbing or electrical, for instance) are out of service for various periods of time.
  • One-off house moving instead of frequent smaller moves (shifting from one room to another) and the chore of reorganizing your things each time.
  • You can enjoy your renovated home sooner without feeling like it’s a looming project still to be completed.
  • More cost effective; roughly 25% less than renovating one room at a time. Plus costs will only increase over time so the more you do at once the less expensive it will be.

Cons of a full home reno

  • Less memories embedded in or associated with parts of your home due to being more removed from the process.
  • You have to put up with living either in a rented premises or with extended family.

Depending on your situation and how much money and time you can spare in the immediate future will also affect your decision. It’s important to do some forward planning and see which option is going to work out better for you. However, generally speaking, because renovation is an integrated process that can involve design, demo, framing, installation, electrical and plumbing, a bigger scope tackled at once allows you to plan more broadly. You can get things done in the correct sequence and cut down on mistakes and accumulated expenses.

However, if you do choose to renovate your home one room at a time, it’s important to prioritise the rooms you use most. If you like (and can afford) to eat out but need a bathtub installed for the new baby straight away, skip the kitchen remodel and concentrate on the bathroom.

Whether you decide to tackle your home renovation all in one go or piece by piece, do your research, save your pennies and prepare for a smooth and stress-free remodel. By enlisting the help of an experienced builderyou will avoid adding stress and unexpected complications and setbacks. Choose a company you can trust - a company who have been consistently recognised for delivering outstanding design, quality and service.

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