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Where to start with a home renovation?

A renovation guide for homeowners

Home renovations are an exciting part of making your home better suited to your needs. However, to ensure that the renovation turns out as best as it can, it is important to understand the process from where to start to the finishing touches. Here is a guide to understanding the house renovation process.

The first step - make a plan

The best thing to do at the beginning of a renovation is to make a plan. What are you going to change? How much will it cost? What trades will you need to carry out the work? Having a plan from the beginning makes your requirements clear to the contractor which allows for them to have a better understanding of what they need to do.

Make a budget

With your plan in mind, decide on a budget. It is important to try and stick to your budget as best as you can. Remember to leave room for unexpected costs in your budget that may arise during the process as this does happen often.

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Hire a contractor

A contractor will hire all of the necessary trades required for your renovation. Depending on the job, the trades could vary from plumbers to architects. They will coordinate when each trade is required to work on the job, take care of any required permits, get council approval and ensure that the renovation is completed within the agreed time frame. Hiring a contractor is critical to ensuring that the renovation is done successfully.

The renovation begins

After a site inspection, the builders hired by the contractor will then complete the demolition. When the work area is cleared from the demolition, shortly after wall framing is added. This is generally followed by the installation of electrical, gas and plumbing systems before the plasterboard is fitted to the walls and ceiling (when necessary).

Once the skirting boards, trims and architraves are fitted, the house is ready for the cabinet bodies to be installed. To allow for appliances to be added down the track, the doors are left until the end.

When sink tops and bench tops are cut and fitted, the sink and tap is installed around the same time. Most renovators will complete the painting and splashbacks entirely before installing the floorboards or tiling. This is done in this order to avoid any spillages or markings on the flooring.

The lighting and appliances are installed which is followed by the fitting of all of the doors to the cabinet bodies that were installed earlier in the process. Once all of this happens and your contractor has approved your remodelled home, the renovation is complete.

Home renovation specialists

If you need a high quality home renovation on the Gold Coast, you should contact Symcorp Building Services. Our Gold Coast Builders are all professionally trained and qualified locals who are experienced and passionate about their job. They can assist you with the design and drafting service or the entire renovation process. Call us today on 07 5594 1768 or complete our home renovation enquiry today.

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